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My wife often says ironically that she is glad she joined the Freemasons!

We do encourage partners to get involved, helping in social events or charity functions, although there is no pressure to do so. At Ipsley our partners meet up a few times each year for a meal and to socialise together while (as they put it) “the boys do their thing”

We occasionally  have a ‘Friends to Dine’ evening, where partners / wives / children / friends come to join us for our ‘Festive Board’.  This is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to understand what happens on a ‘Lodge Night’.  We also show our visitors around the premises, including inside our impressive Redditch Masonic Temple room.

“One of the welcome surprises of joining Ipsley Lodge was the friends my wife made with other partners”.


Ipsley Lodge – Friendly Freemasonry in Redditch.

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