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If Freemasonry has nothing to hide, why the secrets? It is certainly true that Freemasonry has faced persecution and suppression in the past, and that that this may explain some of the historical secrecy. Happily we now live in more enlightened times.

The ‘secrets’ that are revealed to members as they progress are nothing more sinister than signs, tokens and passwords that are keys to the doors of the different levels within Freemasonry. Each level, or degree, has a particular ceremony, and each ceremony imparts a different lesson. Masonic ceremonies, therefore, are like short morality plays in which Freemasons learn the principles to lead better lives.

We keep them secret because we feel that as they are revealed during the ceremonies, it helps make the evening more memorable and enlightening for the candidate.

Freemasons are completely free to acknowledge their membership and are encouraged to do so. Our HQ at Freemasons Hall in London is open to the public (it is a beautiful art deco building with magnificent interior and a fascinating museum – well worth a visit if you are near Covent Garden) and many lodges including those based at Redditch hold open days.

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